Subject: Maintenance Staff

I wanted to make sure to let you know that maintenance staff here is wonderful! Jason (?) and Steve are very attentive and quick about responding to our requests. We have dealt with both gentlemen often and they are always polite and ask if they can do anything else before they leave. We've lived other places and want you to know that we believe maintenance staffs are the most important representatives you have for your company, and these guys excel. Whomever does your hiring is doing a great job! Hopefully all of your properties have guys like these. If not, send them to train your other staffs; we are very appreciative! Thanks! (And no, they aren't personal friends. lol)

Hi Management

I just rented an apartment and am looking forward to the move. Also, Jessica (I believe that was her name) did an excellent job with the tour and help on Saturday. Jessica only works weeks so I've talked to the others girls in the office and they have all been so helpful and great to work with. Very kind! Thanks So Much!

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